I guess it is confession time.  I am a recent convert to PowerShell.  After having used VBS scripts for years now, I have recently discovered that I can do so much more using PowerShell using a lot less code.  I have a long ways to go, especially to learn best practices for writing scripts and … [Read more…]

Migrating SYSVOL to DFS-R Replication

When working with Active Directory, there are a few different replication systems in place.  One of the key replications is that of the SYSVOL as this replicates the group policy settings throughout a domain.  SYSVOL replication is a bit different from regular AD replication as it replicates files used by SYSVOL (as opposed to individual … [Read more…]

Find Sites with No Site-Links

With the large environment we have (with 574 sites), it is easy to have items that are misconfigured.  One of the things that I have always wondered how to do is find sites that don’t have any site-links.  Today, the Ask the Directory Services Team blog addressed this very issue.  In the blog, they provide … [Read more…]