Creating a Test Environment

So, one of the things I have always known is that it is important to have a test environment prior to making changes in your normal production domain/forest.  One of the challenges I have always seen with this is how to create a test environment that closely matches what you have in production.  Recently, I … [Read more…]

Scripting NSLookup with Output to CSV

I recently needed to get IP addresses for a number of host names.  In trying to do this, I found that it was very difficult to find a script that would do what I needed.  So, after much searching and work, here is the script that I have come up with.  Hope this helps someone. … [Read more…]

Scripting Printers and the FOR command

Recently, I have found myself having to do some scripting with printers (among other things).  As I was researching the best way to do this, I ran across some vbs scripts that Microsoft includes with at least Server 2003 (and it looks like 2008, as well).  Here are some of the scripts I found: prncnfg.vbs … [Read more…]

Listing all Groups for a Logged on User

Sometimes, it is a challenge to know what groups a user actually is in.  In particular, this includes not just direct membership groups, but also indirect membership (nested groups).  You may have added a user to a group, but aren’t sure if the user is actuallly getting the security token for that group when they … [Read more…]

Migrating Workstations with SCCM

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately.  I have been busy getting ready to do a number of domain migrations over the next couple of months.  This has been a major project that I have been involved with at work.  We have a total of 14 AD domains, and I am responsible for migrating 13 child … [Read more…]